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Welcome to the School of Communication. My name is Luis Herrera, Assistant Dean of the Office of Admission, Academic and Alumni Services. My staff and I look forward to providing you an outstanding advising experience. Each department has a dedicated advisor who will assist you and will answer your academic related questions.

Our advising staff has designed a course selection process for you that should be easy to follow and will allow you to choose courses that will count for your major as well as your general education requirements. Please select your major on this website for a list of required courses and general education information. Then, please continue on through the registration process on your CaneLink using the course list provided.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Email: Phone: 305-284-5234


  1. English Composition---Every freshman is required to enroll in an English course OR have achieved Freshman English credit though Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or transfer work.

    A. If you have earned AP/IB credit for English Composition, then this requirement is complete and you do not need to select a course in this area. B. If you earned an SAT Verbal score greater than 700 or an ACT score greater than 32, then English 105 is waived. You may proceed to enroll in English 106.
  2. Math Requirement---All School of Communication students must complete a minimum of 3-6 credits in math above MTH 101 (MTH 107 does not satisfy this requirement)

    1. Freshmen or transfers who have not completed a mathematics course are required to take the ALEKS placement exam:
    2. Your Canelink account will have your Math placement level indicated for you based on the following criteria:

      Your Math level will be pre-determined for you based on your Math SAT or Math ACT entrance exam scores. If you are unhappy with your placement, there is a link to an online Math placement exam on your Canelink account if you decide that you would like to try and take a higher level math course.

    3. If you have earned AP/IB credit for Math, then your Math requirement will be satisfied for all majors in the School of Communication.

    The University of Miami’s General Education Requirements ensure that graduates have acquired essential intellectual skills and have engaged a range of academic disciplines. All new students will fulfill the General Education requirements by selecting a Cognate, which is a cluster of courses arranged by their content, field and interest.

    • A cognate is a group of at least three related courses for at least 9 credits.
    • The courses in a cognate are related in a topical, thematic, interdisciplinary, sequential, or other such fashion, so that completion of a cognate provides coherent depth of knowledge in the area.
    • Students must take three cognates to fulfill the Areas of Knowledge requirement, one in the Arts & Humanities (A&H), one in People & Society (P&S), and one in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).
    • Your major satisfies one of your cognate requirements.

      • Advertising (General & Management)—People & Society Cognate
      • Advertising (Creative)---Arts & Humanities Cognate
      • Broadcast Journalism—People & Society Cognate
      • Communication Studies (all tracks)---People & Society Cognate
      • Electronic Media---People & Society Cognate
      • Journalism---People & Society Cognate
      • Media Management---People & Society Cognate
      • Motion Pictures (all tracks)---Arts & Humanities Cognate
      • Public Relations----People & Society Cognate
    • To Search for Available Cognates visit: Cognates Search Engine
      The cognates listed in the above search engine have been approved by the University Curriculum Committee for the current academic year. More cognates will be added to the search engine as they are approved.

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Department of Cinema and Interactive Media
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Department of Communication Studies
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Department of Journalism and Media Management
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Department of Strategic Communication
(Advertising and Public Relations majors)

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